Wedding Dress Happy!

So since September I have been attending HIIT training classes and Personal Training Sessions since October and I have finally hit my target to be happy to go Wedding Dress shopping. I have worked my ass off and Matt has supported me with my diet too. Finally I am beginning to look like my old self again!

It has been a hard journey with definite ups and downs. Wanting to give up was a continuos occurrence because I have never been a slim girl, and always had a love for food. The problem is I wasn’t happy with myself, so I know I needed to do something about it.

The stretch marks will never go but losing weight, they have faded which has helped me get over them a lot more. Also my shape had changed from having a baby, but I feel like it’s coming back which has finally put a smile on my face.

I am still not all the way there but my wedding dress appointment is 23rd December so I needed to set myself a target and I have managed to achieve that! I have dropped 6 kilos and toned up a lot as it wasn’t a pure focus on weight loss.

Mamas, I am a normal woman. I am not a celebrity where they manage to lose all the weight in 2 weeks. I haven’t had surgery. I have just worked hard. You can do it if you want too! It is hard, don’t get me wrong, just make sure you focus on a target and try.


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