Take a Break Ladies!

We stay at home everyday watching our little ones develop and grow and although this is the best thing in the world, it is also very tiring.

Maisie is the most energetic little butterfly I know. My little one never wants to stop moving and I am running around after her like headless chicken. Trying to make sure her routine stays the same as well is hard work. Motherhood is hard work (or whichever parent stays at home). We need to remember to take time for ourselves to keep us sane!

I am lucky I live in a country where the summer is pretty much all year round so I took a trip to the Elysium Hotel with my friend and had a spa day. This included jacuzzi, pool, Gin cocktails, lunch etc… it was only for a few hours but it restored me back to normal and recharged my batteries for sure!

Parenting is a two way street, but to keep the romance and affection between you both, it can be tough when all you talk about is your children. How many poops did they have today… how much food have they had today… have they had a nap today… have they been good or naughty today… Also, being tired doesn’t help. So make sure you both take time for yourselves every now and then. We have a bit more difficult living in a different country with no family around to help but we help each other and that’s why we still make it work confidently.

Look at these photos and it may inspire you to take a trip somewhere:

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