Toddler’s Christmas

What do you do when your child is not even 2 for Christmas? Do you still splash out on presents? Do you make the effort of taking them to Christmas events that have Santa Claus available for viewings? Is there anything she needs at this age?

Maisie’s first Christmas, we bought her one large gift to help encourage with her standing up and walking so it was a useful gift but she had no clue. I took her to see Santa Claus as well and she had no idea. Due to my own excitement, I kept trying to take her to loads of Christmassy things but in the end, it proved more effort for me for no reason really.

This year, it’s a little different because she is quick at catching on but I don’t know what stage she is at. If she knows anything that is going on or not, I am figuring it out still but I have learnt this so far.

Tips to Remember:

1) If taking them out to see Santa Claus, try and keep it indoors. They really miserable if they are cold. We tried the Christmas lights at Kew Gardens and it didn’t go well at this age

2) Don’t spend a lot of money on these things. They really don’t stay interested for very long and you can get frustrated when all they want to do is leave

3) Don’t buy irrelevant presents because you think you should be spoiling them at any age.

4) Put money aside for when a present is needed or relevant – they wouldn’t know if it was a present or not

5) This is the age they can start getting into Arts and Crafts, get some Christmas stencils and this can be some stress free fun for you and your toddler

6) When decorating, make sure it is shatterproof and up high if can be damaged or pulled down. Christmas tree decorations can be a huge hazard, so keep them away as they will pull down anything!

7) Watch Christmas Movies! They have started noticing now so keep that holiday music and cheer coming

8) Buy batteries in advance if buying a toy that requires them so you don’t forget. The worst that can happen is if they can’t play with them after getting them

9) Go out for walks. It is so easy to socialise with family and forget that your child has been indoors all day going stir crazy

10) Avoid naughty foods. Everyone at Christmas has naughties but try and refrain from giving your toddler lots, even though it is a special occasion

11) Keep them in their routine if you can 😂

I wish you all luck for this Christmas holiday as it is hard work for adults now. We don’t have that ‘school break’ anymore or getting lots of gifts ourselves. We are now the bank and in charge. Thank God for Santa Claus for a bit of help! 😉

4 thoughts on “Toddler’s Christmas

  1. charlypriest says:

    I really still don´t know how people choose to have children, a mistery for me. I have a dog and it drives me nuts to the point of looking down through the balcony and just head down and down we go. You parents are weirds, that´s what I tell my Friends, and they keep making more little monsters!

    Cute kid.


    • Livykins says:

      It isn’t for everyone! I wasn’t sure if I was ready and didn’t have an easy labour. Suffered with depression as well but my little girl, when I have had a bad day, she does light up the room. My daughter is my family and my love for her is a love you only understand once having a child. Everyday is a new day as they grow up but an exciting one 😊


      • charlypriest says:

        You said at the end, ¨exciting one¨, I thought I read a sacary one.

        As serious I will be, I can understand it, I do have a mother still a live and with my 15 years old, she still calls me and tells me where to put the clothes, In this case it seems it is a unconditional love, now she has cáncer so here I am going from my cool rent room to her house, do the chores most importantly….. make her smile with my crazy stories and thoughts. Best time in the day whe I see her smile and literally laughing outloud, I´m just silly funny.

        I´m glad that you enjoy being a mother, as you said is deffinately not for me, I think I would do a disservice to humanity if I had a kid. I have work to be done on me…. quite some, so if you add a kid to take care off, wouldn´t be a smart choice and yes there is this ¨lady¨ that wants to have it with me so the lady can call all she wants but my cell phone is dissconect, like me.

        My hereos, actually being a mother is on the top of my list. I do know is definatelly not easy. I´m a pussy….. But, I was raised by a single mother, the shit she had to put up with the kid I have no idea why she still loves me and obviously raising a kid by herself I can imagine it was not easy. She is a strong as a bull, and that is a understatement.

        Jesus….. a Little comment this one.


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