Embrace The Cake!


Unicorn Cake – Embrace The Cake

Beckie Bird, the wonder woman who has created the most healthiest of snacks with the illusion and temptation of an unhealthy snack.  Her new Rawreos are just one of many cleverly named snacks that are on her long list of great goodies to control your nibbling urges.

So, as a pregnant woman permanently craving for all things bad, because why not.. made me think to take advantage of these delicious treats for my baby shower. Asking Beckie where her inspiration came from, she explained “I set up Embrace the Cake in 2015 after moving back to the UK from New Zealand and adopted a much healthier lifestyle whilst living there due to realising I had a real addiction to sugar. With so many wonderful healthy cafes over there, it was a great place to start learning about how to fuel my body with real food and cut out the refined stuff! I figured if I wanted to keep eating desserts and treats, I would have to experiment and fill them with satisfying whole foods. I documented everything on Instagram and over time became obsessed with creating the most indulgent desserts that were made with simple natural ingredients. Fast forward a year, I moved back to the UK and found a real lack of good quality refined sugar- free treats so decided to follow my dream and set up a business to help others to embrace cake as much as I do!”


The Famous Rawreos

All of the products are free from refined sugar, dairy and gluten, and packed full of 100% natural ingredients. With only gluten free oats, cashew nuts, dates, coconut oil & nectar, almond milk, vanilla extract and either cocoa powder or lucuma powder, these healthy bites pack quite the nutritional punch, leaving you satisfied for hours compared to store bought snacks that can contain high quantities of fructose sugar, cornstarch and palm sugar, which we know are to not be the best for our bodies.

Go and Order!  They are also perfectly priced 🙂

You can find both her Instagram page and Facebook Page below:

Embrace_the_cake – Instagram