Sleepless in Cyprus no more!

Over the last couple months, we have been struggling with sleep as Maisie wakes up quite a few times in the night due to hunger. However, once we feed her she goes straight back to sleep. This was okay at the beginning because she slept throughout the night until 5 and a half months.. but now we are at our wits end. We have read up on many different ways to get her to sleep, but like all parents say, every baby is different. The problem is Maisie is so active, she never stops moving, from crawling to standing herself up and jumping up and down, she uses so much energy, we didn’t know how much food she needed! We have asked our parents advice, on what they did with us and what they think is best. FINALLY, Maisie has started settling in the night again and this is how we have done it!

Breakfast: 9am – A pot of fruits (apples, bananas, peaches, plums etc..) with oats or custard and half a farleys risk biscuit.

A bottle of milk after half n hour of playtime and then nap for an hour.

Lunch: 12:30pm – A jar amount of meat or fish (turkey, salmon, chicken, veal) with vegetables and potatoes.

A bottle of milk after half n hour to an hour of playtime and then another nap for about an hour.

Dinner: 5pm – Same as lunch but with a snack after, maybe a chocolate biscotti

A few ounces of water she has after dinner instead of milk. (we also encourage this throughout the day, if she wants)

Bathtime: 7pm – She loves the bath so we are very fortunate with that

Bedtime: 7:30 – A bottle of milk or as much as she wants

If she wakes in the night which she doesn’t normally do anymore, Maisie may want some food but I will stop at 2 ounces. Sometimes she just whines a little in the night, but we let her cry or whine it out and she normally falls back to sleep.

I just want people to remember that every baby is different and you can read all the books but you need to try out different things to help yourself and your baby. It can be tough, especially when sleepless nights are involved. Matt and I tried many different things but I thought I would share this with you, to see if this may help. We only started this after 6 months and she was beginning to get used to eating food as she had quite bad trapped wind at the beginning of weaning.

Good Luck Parents!


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