Bedroom Fears

The main reason we moved into our new house was so Maisie could have her own bedroom as she is such a wriggle bum, she needed her own space.

Maisie has outgrown the Moses basket, so now we have her cot ready. Last night was the first night she slept in the cot, and for some reason I found it very emotional. Like another bonding part had disappeared, just like when she was breastfed and that stopped.

A lot of other emotions came into play though. Fear that I couldn’t open my eye in the night just to check that she was okay. Anxious that she wouldn’t like it and would ruin her decent sleeping pattern she is already into. Paranoia that something may happen to her in the night  because, like all mothers, we worry about anything.

Of course, the baby monitor was all set up. Matt tested it several times but I couldn’t sleep until I heard her first cry which I shot in there like a lightening bolt but she was fine.

At 3:30am though, she woke up (which she doesn’t normally do) and was too distracted by her new cot and new room, she wouldn’t go back to sleep so we brought her back into our room where she quickly dozed off again.

We shall try again tonight and see how it goes. It’s funny though, because as a parent I feel like I even need to gain the confidence she does by sleeping in the cot. Another new learning curve and another realisation our baby is growing up ❤


7 thoughts on “Bedroom Fears

  1. mommythebanker says:

    It’s a long process Mama and don’t be hard on yourself if it doesn’t happen right away. Go with your heart, not what other people say.


      • mommythebanker says:

        If she can roll over and move her head etc, you should be good. have you tried letting her tummy sleep? Both of my girls are tummy sleepers and won’t sleep any other way. If I didn’t put them down in the crib on their tummy or fetal position, no sleep would happen. I’d try that!


      • mommythebanker says:

        Go with your gut
        If she can lift her head, roll over both ways, etc, a small pillow is ok IMO
        My kids are tummy sleepers, always have been so pillows don’t really work for us. I think it’s the full blown bumper pads that are dangerous. I’m working on my sleep post for you. Hope to have it finished tonight

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