ExPat Life

Since moving to Cyprus, Matthew and I have had our ups and downs. From being on our own and completely depending on each other which has proved difficult at times when we feel we have been missing out on things at home, but we have been blessed with friends and family visiting. It’s always a bit of a downer when they return to the UK but we realise how lucky we are to live abroad in the sun and by the sea, and with little Maisie joining us on this adventure just makes it so much more memorable and exciting.

We have lived in Pissouri village since June 2016 and we now begin another chapter in our lives as we are moving into a new house we can finally call home. It is still in Pissouri but in a different area. Maisie can finally have her own bedroom and we can decorate however we like!

It is strange the little things that can make a low day turn into a fabulous one. Being able to look forward to something makes life so interesting.

We have also finally began our wedding plans so with all our worries of the ExPat life at the start, everything has come together. ❤

Our new garden 🏡



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