Maisie’s Fashion Week

Having a Baby Shower, we were lucky enough to have been spoilt by so many family and friends, we ended up having enough clothes to last Maisie until she is about 2 years old!

Bringing a child up though, you can get a bit lazy as a parent because of several things. Being tired or Maisie isn’t in the mood to be changed into one of her dresses etc.. Also most days we are in the house so not much opportunity to show off her cute clothes. Most days I settle for her wearing vests because it is quick and easy. Especially with the weather in Cyprus, she can get hot so too much clothing, she can get frustrated. However, I decided to do a fashion week, because of the amount of gorgeous clothes I received, I can’t let them not be worn by my gorgeous girl and the weather has dropped a bit ☺

Below are the fabulous photos and thank yous to all the wonderful people in Maisie’s life

IMG_1149.JPGThank you to Aunty Tanya and Uncle Chris for the dress and Aunty Eve and Uncle Jesse for the shoes

IMG_1154Thank you to Aunty Sophia for the dress and Aunty Sian and Uncle Evan for the shoes

IMG_1166Thank you to Grandad Phil and Nanny Julie for my blouse and shorts and Aunty Bonnie and Uncle Ian for the shoes

IMG_1169Thank you to Aunty Sophia for the dress and Aunty Lydia for the shoes

IMG_1190Thank you to Aunty Joalena for my princess dress

IMG_1219Thank you Aunty Maya for my T Shirt and my shorts

IMG_1375Thank you Aunty Lorna and Uncle Jimmy for my dungarees

Make the effort with your children, they aren’t young for long! Especially at the age where they don’t have a choice on what they wear 😂

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