The Newborn Feeling

Maisie is nearly 4 months old now and I can’t believe how quickly it is going. It is true when people say appreciate every moment as time flies. Maisie is even starting swimming lessons in September! So I thought I would jot a load of newborn traits that new parents should appreciate when they have a new baby

#1 Newborn Baby Smell 

You will know it when you smell it and the amount of people who cuddle your child and say ‘Oh my god, that new baby smell’

#2 How small they are 

They will only continue to get bigger so try and take as many photos when they are small because it is only for a small precious amount of time.

#3 The noises they release 

From their screams, to their burps, to their fluffs, they are all loud. Sleepy time is quiet time, the best time 😉. We congratulate them at this age for making such sounds, but it will be fun teaching them the opposite when they get older

#4 Their Strength! 

Maisie could hold her head up very quickly and could already roll around just before 3 months! Babies are very strong but help them with that. Encourage tummy time for at least 10 minutes a day, it will help them

#5 Drunk Milk Face 

The best face of them all! It is an expression that will always be remembered

#6 How Lethal they can be

Their nails and toenails grow at a quick pace so beware! Also, they fling their arms and kick their legs and don’t care if you are kicked or slapped in the face. Happens on a regular basis… plus when they learn their grip, you will lose a lot of hair 😂

#7 How much they poopie 

The poopies get bigger and smellier as they get older. Don’t be alarmed when you see yellow poop and green poop as that is normal for babies, but what explosions they can have. Make sure to always put the nappy on nice and tight (not too tight obviously) otherwise it can leak out

#8 The Startle Reflex 

Sometimes they can be sleeping or just chilling and then Bam! Out of nowhere, they fling their arm so to the side and legs stretched out and then return to previous position. I love it ❤

#9 The sounds they make

Maisie makes grumbles when she is pooping; she makes a high pitched sound when she is excited; she giggles when Daddy plays boo; she snorts sometimes as well! Even when she yawns, she lets out a little sigh. So so cute when they make these little sounds

#10 Despite everything, they are yours

All the changes that are happening, you are there through it all and are proud of them every step of the way. Every new achievement, a bit of your heart flutters. When Maisie first rolled, I got butterflies in my stomach just from excitement. The Newborn phase is such an important phase, appreciate every minute.



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