Are you a 25 year old mother??

I never thought I would have had a baby this young ever in my life but I did. Throughout my life, I was always only focused on one thing, my career.  What I find strange, is how society has changed in such a short amount of time.  Only a couple decades ago, it was normal for women to have children my age but now people question my age, because the realisation of me being a mum at 25 is like a bizarre thing to comprehend.

Women now have the freedom they didn’t use to have and are able to go out to work and be accepted in a work force, which is quite a new thing.  My mum stayed at home and looked after us and her home and I didn’t realise how hard that job was until I became a mother. Now, I am back at work after Maisie turned 10 months old and it is hard to keep the house tidy and look after Maisie when I am either stressed after the day or absolutely shattered.  Both housewives and working mothers have it tough because we are bringing up another human which takes so much strength and patience it is unreal.

When I meet new people, the first thing they say is.. So, what do you do?  Oh well, I work and I am a mother.  Their response is Oh right!  What a tough life.  How old are you if you don’t mind me asking. I respond with I’m 25 and they 25!!!! No way!!! I can’t believe your 25 with a good career and a mother.. WELL WHY NOT? Do I look old? They then say, no it’s your personality and your maturity most 25 year olds don’t have.

I think to myself, well 25 years old back in the day was normal to have a child, so why is it now we think 25 is so young to have a child?  At the end of the day, you are an adult and you love your child no matter what and will do the best for them, regardless of how old you are.  Sometimes I forget my own age as well, as no I don’t party as much as my friends or book that holiday just whenever I feel like it or get a pay check. I have to remind myself that I am still young (when I am feeling like a 40 year old due to lack of sleep as Maisie is teething at the moment) and to still make an effort to look good and feel good.

Most of my friends do not have kids, so it has been hard to communicate with them and not bore them when they cannot relate but they are all so supportive and love coming to visit me and see Maisie.  They all respect me for who I am and not judge me because I have had a child in what society now views as a ‘young mum’. The pressure that society puts on people to get married and raise a family is not as strong as it used to be, but these days no-one can do anything right!

Some days, I look at other young couples who are on holiday in Cyprus with no kids and they walk with a certain freedom in their step as they can go for a drink whenever or walk wherever or do whatever they want and I get jealous which is SO AWFUL TO SAY.  Then I look down and Maisie and think no, I am the lucky one. My life hasn’t stopped at the age of 25, it has only just begun.  Even though when I am stressed to the bone and look absolutely appalling which shouldn’t be the case at my age, I am a mum and even though I am a young mum, I am still a good mum and happy to be.



3 thoughts on “Are you a 25 year old mother??

  1. Joy says:

    Trust me, you are the lucky one!!! Just ignore what people think and continue being the great mom that you are to maisie (hope I got it?). 10 years from now and your friends will only wish they were this 35 year old gorgeous lady with a 10 year old daughter who can at least help with some chores and her little brother/sister. You are lucky!!


    • Livykins says:

      Very true lovey! You are so right! Plus when I’m 50, my kids will be nearly all adults so can go back to doing all the crazy things again like a spontaneous holiday 😂


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