Maisie’s 1st Christmas

What an experience.. Our First Christmas with our little Princess. I didn’t know what to expect because I knew her routine would be too difficult to stick too over the holiday plus being around lots of people and noise, it was interesting to see how she would act.

Living abroad as well, we were anxious about the plane journey as Maisie is very energetic and wants to move at all times but she was great. We made sure to feed her on take off and landing to help with her ears plus she had a nap at the beginning and the end of the journey. We also had plenty of toys to distract her and little snacks for her to have, so do try and plan a plane journey for kids because they do get bored very easily.

Maisie unfortunately caught a cold at the beginning of the holiday which was also new for us as she hadn’t been ill so far but as always, she was a big girl and did her best to be as happy as she could be. Baby calpol did help, but bless her she was pretty poorly for the first few days.

Christmas was fun and we loved helping her open her presents and she was extremely spoilt by all her wonderful family and friends. New Year, she luckily went to bed at normal time as well so we got to have a couple drinks and enjoy ourselves, but the fireworks at midnight woke her up, so it was quite nice as we got to kiss her when New Year happened as well.

Unfortuantely we knew though, that once New Years Day was over, Matt would have to return to Cyprus on his own for a few days. It is always horrible being apart for us but also him from Maisie. We are counting down the days until he is back but then our next chapter begins in organising Maisie going to nursery and me returning to work which I am absolutely dreading.. Bring on 2018 and all it’s new challenges and adventures


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