I’m Guilty

I am in a difficult place at the moment. I am hardly sleeping because my little one is teething and growing (so very hungry).

I am a young mother who looks at most of her friends who are travelling the world and partying and living the young life while I have bags under my eyes the size of Brazil and feeling like a 40 year old.

I am in a routine for my baby and a change to the routine can affect her massively so even going out for dinner can be a struggle. The time for myself and Matt is limited due to us working on a good routine for Maisie which is really hard and can be frustrating for us both.

I am guilty of feeling a bit trapped when I see other mothers travelling the world with their little ones (even newborns) and I want to do that, but surviving off one wage.. how is this possible? The amount you have to buy for your child, flights aren’t free for newborns anymore either… I want to travel like they are, create memories with Maisie but even us going for a road trip up to Nicosia was difficult enough. Plus, you are going to the hotel early, you are eating out and one of us may have to entertain her so paying for a potentially cold meal. You may be restricted going places because of the pram if they don’t want to be carried.. like I want to know how these women do it?!!

I hate the fact I work out at least 4 times a week and my stomach will take minimum a year to go back to normal (if I continue to work my ass off) and I will still have stretch marks everywhere anyway that I still won’t show it off so what is the point! Even when mothers say look at them with love, I’m guilty the fact that I don’t.

I have so many guilty feelings because I can have a low day. I think to myself I have the most wonderful, cute, lovely daughter that is a dream to look after and I can still have low moments. How is this possible? I love her with all my heart but respect to parents. We have it tough but god we do a good job ❤

2 thoughts on “I’m Guilty

  1. K E Garland says:

    Awww she’s gorgeous. Don’t feel too bad. I’m convinced most moms feel like this and no one really prepares us for the reality that is motherhood, like working our butts off, just to still feel physically inadequate :-/

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