The Mummy Feeling

Today, I was thinking most of my posts are all about Maisie’s changes and all the things I look forward too… However, I feel as though I never focus on myself much since becoming a mother. I am sure most mothers feel this way as well because we are not prioritised when we have a little one. I have decided to write a list of changes that have happened to me so let me know if you are in the same boat mothers!!

#1 Patience 

My patience is definitely a lot stronger than it used to be so this is a positive of being a mother. Keeping calm when not getting much sleep and entertaining a baby all day deserves a medal for sure! When they are crying for no reason and you just stand there smiling and calming them down, even though you may just want to scream yourself… GO MOTHER GO!

#2 Body Changes 

I had a C Section, so now even working out at the gym 4 times a week, I still have a stomach that looks like a flappy tyre. Also my bladder is still as weak as anything. I have a bottle of water and need the bathroom at least 3 times in the space of 10 minutes… I did breastfeed as well for the first 3 months, so I need stronger, more supportive bras as well 😉

#3 Birthday/Celebrations of any sort

It isn’t about you anymore, and on your birthday you realise that the most. I received more presents for my daughter on my birthday than I did. 😂

Also my fiancée is trying to treat me to a lovely weekend away.. now most parents would be able to leave their child with family of some sort but as we live abroad we don’t have that luxury. So let’s just say it wasn’t as romantic and about me kind of birthday 😂

#4 Mummy Time

The excitement I get out of doing the laundry, getting to bed before 10pm and hoping Maisie doesn’t injure herself throughout the day is counted as good Mummy time. If I can get a Gin in the week, then it’s been a damn good week. Sleep is Mummy time to be honest. How sad is that 😂

#5 Being judged 

You try and do your best and to be honest, a mother knows best.. that is the saying. However, there is always someone poking around, making a comment. We went out the other day and Maisie was crying, and the waitress said.. ‘Goodness, she must be hungry or tired, maybe you should feed her’… REALLY? DEAL WITH YOUR OWN CHILD (Thank god for point number one)

#6 Appearance 

‘Your child is so gorgeous’, ‘ Your child looks just like her daddy’, ‘Your baby girl is so cute’ .. while I have actually put my make up on to go out. What is the point? 😂 I might as well wear an invisible cloak!

#7 Emotional Wreck 

I can cry at anything now. From Maisie learning something new to every single episode of ‘This is Us’ to seeing a video of someone getting a puppy. It’s sad I know but eventually I will get this sorted 😂

#8 Being your babies doormat 

Accepting a slap in the face; being dribbled on consistently; putting them down and having to chase after them 10 seconds later; cleaning her pooey bum whilst she tries to turn over repeatedly; waking up when she wakes up.. Keep having to remind myself, it’s not about me anymore 😂

#9 Showers 

Being able to close the door and have me time is impossible until Matt gets home. So no showers in the morning and even going to the toilet is a task as leaving Maisie for a minute, she has crawled somewhere else

#10 Privacy 

Doesnt exist!

#11 A love you have never felt 

The love I have for Maisie is a love I have never felt. It is different to the love I have for Matt but both are strong and endless. I thank my lucky stars everyday having Maisie even though it is a challenge





2 thoughts on “The Mummy Feeling

  1. The Snow Melts Somewhere says:

    Hahah! So true! I have (almost) 5 month old twins and luckily they don’t cry much. But there is just so much work! I don’t get a single break and haven’t looked in the mirror since they were born! I don’t even know where my hair brush is, lol! 😂 But it’s not about me anymore so never mind. I still look very pregnant coz my abs split and the doctor said no excersize, it might take a year before my abs return to the place they are supposed to be, oh my…….. getting into shape after a year is going to be tough! But it’s all worth it! 💕 Thanks for an inspiring post and all the best! Your baby looks so cute in that pic!!

    Liked by 1 person

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