6 month freak out!

The day has arrived that Maisie is now 6 months old. It is crazy to think my little energetic bean is 6 months already. Time has flown by. For some reason, that age freaks me out a bit and Matt thought the same.. it means she can now start weaning (under NHS recommendation), she can start wearing suncream, growth spurts increase, everything says from 6 months plus so to us, she doesn’t feel like our little baby anymore. The change of the pram is now happening and she can stand on her door bouncer finally! Her milk will change and we can now start introducing water and juice and vitamins etc.. just so many changes!!

Her sleeping patterns have changed as well so we don’t get as much sleep as she is a lot hungrier. Plus teething has begun so a bit of a difficult patch for us but as always, she is as happy as can be.

Maisie is crawling around everywhere at the moment so have to keep my eye on her 24/7. 6 months sounds scary to me because it is the age where I feel I now have to prepare for big changes with her. I worry more about her injuring herself because she doesn’t stop moving. Her crawling is not far away from being perfected. She is a lot more vocal and chewing everything. Maisie is trying to pull herself up on every part of furniture, she is a strong cookie. We are so close to her being in a high chair as well!

This post is about me now having to think properly about all the changes to come and preparing myself for them. I don’t know whether anyone else gets these feelings when their babies are growing up, but I have a whole range of emotions and am very excited for the new changes


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