Mummy Issues

For the last few weeks, I have been going to the gym religiously trying to lose weight and tone my stomach up. The C section obviously tore through a lot of muscle and is proving difficult to tone back up. Plus my stretch marks don’t help with my confidence, especially being in a swimming costume 24/7 living in Cyprus.

I had become very low, and wasn’t talking to Matt about it because he always says I am beautiful but it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I had lost my bubbly self and went to the gym out of anger rather than enjoyment. I didn’t even realise my attitude was noticeable until of course Matt confronted me about it and I burst into tears explaining I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror anymore.

Then I went online and started typing in the normal after birth issues and a lot of women struggle with this. I also found a lot of younger women struggled more just because I haven’t been able to appreciate and enjoy my body for as long. However, speaking to Matt, women online and my health advisor I feel a lot better and beginning to remember it is a slow process getting back to normal. It is a hard journey, but when I look at Maisie and thinking I created that (with Matts help if course), my body is a temple.

I have now booked personal training sessions to try and help me with the toning so wish me luck! IMG_9111IMG_9801IMG_0550

2 thoughts on “Mummy Issues

  1. Millie says:

    Liv you look incredible! I totally know how you feel, especially as a young mum it is so much harder! I gained 5 stone when I had jack and seriously struggled to loose it, in fact I didn’t loose it all before having Teddy which isn’t set me off hating how I looked. I’m absolutely covered in stretch marks, I wobble in places I never thought possible, I struggled majorly with bleeding gums, I’ve been put off most diary products and to top it all off my boobs are sure to head south once I stop feeding teddy. But recently I’ve started this new routine of waking and looking at myself in the mirror. Looking at those stretch marks and thinking each of them are where the boys kicked, or rolled around feeling happy, safe and loved. The extra weight on me meant I was giving plenty to the boys, which shows from having to healthy weighing babies. The bags under my eyes from the sleepless nights are reminding me that they just feel so much love for me that they want to spend every minute of the day in my company. Everything that has happened to my body doesn’t really matter. I grew two children! I produced two children! I birthed two children! I have fed two children! I am a human miracle! I will slowly get my shape back but in the mean time I have two children who love me, who come to me as their support when they are sad or even when they are happy. I get to see them growing into little boys. I am the one they will always have as their biggest fan, watching them through thick and thin. Seeing them smile, laugh, cry, crawl, speak, walk, swim etc for the first time. And that is worth every change to my body.


  2. Livykins says:

    Thank you so much for this! It really has helped and women should appreciate their bodies more knowing we delivered our babies that bring us such joy. I am getting there but stronger by the day and these messages are definitely helping with that ☺


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