Newborns Holiday Checklist.. Endless!

Our first trip away with Maisie I can happily say was a success. We went to our friends wedding in Protaras and stayed at the gorgeous Grecian Park Hotel for a week. However, can I say I remembered everything to bring for Maisie? Maaaaybe not.

Take note of this Checklist if you are preparing to take a baby on holiday

Double the amount of clothes 

Maisie had a few accidents whilst on holiday, the first of many I am sure. So always in your nappy bag bring two extra outfits. When packing though, if you are going for 7 days, take 14  vests for example and at least 10 outfits (dresses, jumpsuits, shorts etc..) Also don’t forget a sun hat! They look cute anyway ☺

Nappy Bag essentials! 

Maisie is normally changed about 7 times a day so you can imagine how many nappies you have to bring on holiday with you! Plus bring at least two full bags of wipes and plenty of nappy sacks! Also moisturiser, as after a bath in the hot weather, it’s nice to cool them down with. They do still need baths, so don’t forget bath soap and a sponge/flannel and a couple of her own towels.



We never put Maisie’s in direct sunlight as she is too young and her skin is too delicate however, we did not want to stay in the room for the whole duration. We purchased a snoozeshade from Mothercare and it goes over her pram and protects from UVA and sunlight. Perfect for under the umbrella whilst we sunbathed. Plus we kept a fan inside the pram to keep her cool so don’t forget additional batteries!


Maisie is breastfed, however we found she got too hot from skin to skin. So make sure to bring a back up, such as formula and bottles. Be prepared as well with your steriliser, so in the morning, clean all the bottles for the day if it is needed


Newborns (Maisie is 2 months) do not really have a strict bedtime yet, but I was conscious of mosquitos so I took her up normally after dinner time unless we continued to sit inside. We bought a mosquito band you can put around your wrist, but kept it in the side of her pram just in case. Good idea if you are going to a destination which is known for mossys.

Travel Essentials

Pram is a must and the car seat. We also brought her Moses basket just in case the cot that was provided by the hotel was too much for her. Also, her nightlight which helps her sleep. Do remember if your child or baby has certain things that help him/her sleep, do bring them!

I think next time I will be a little more prepared now 😂


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