Today’s Moments are tomorrow’s memories

I haven’t written a Blog Post in a while due to me settling into Motherhood which I have enjoyed so much because I have been very lucky. Maisie sleeps well throughout the day and night, feeds well (breastfeeding and expressing) and is an all round content baby. I can’t complain at all and makes me so happy that I have been this blessed with our little angel. What I have realised though, is nothing will be as easy as before so I have just mentioned a couple things to prepare future parents ☺

Not getting a lot done

The love you feel for your child is like everybody tells you before they are born. Unconditional. That means love with no limitations or conditions and it’s true. The only problem is when you have your adorable, cute baby, you can’t stop staring at them. So the laundry piles up, the cooking is left to the last minute, a routine is hard to create at the beginning. Enjoy those moments because now moving back to Cyprus, I have had to do the laundry, put clothes on the line, ironing, sterilising, feeding, changing, entertaining, cooking for myself.. I now feel like an octopus but an accomplished day so far with Maisie ❤🐙


As I am breastfeeding, so I still am not back to my original ways.. Although I do treat myself every now and then when she has had a big feed and will sleep for a few hours. I asked the midwife and she said it was fine ☺GOD I MISSED GIN!


You will never be able to jump in your car ever again. Car Seat, Pram, Sling, Nappy Bag etc.. Always prepare to get ready 20 minutes in advance of your normal time otherwise you will be late

Poop Talk

Even when out to dinner with Matt, we will discuss her poop. Was it a healthy colour, how many did she have today. How proud we are of her pooping so we know it is all working inside. We would even congratulate her whilst changing her nappy! Never thought I would see the day 😂

Never a full nights sleep ever again 

Now I have to say I have been lucky with Maisie and she adjusted sleeping from midnight to 5:30am which is a lot better than most parents. However, it does change and it’s not your old sleeping regime so a night away is a luxury and a necessity every now and then. Romance is still needed in the parents relationship so don’t feel bad getting away for a night!

Feeding Times 

I have tried my best to keep on top of this because if I get awfully close to not feeding her, the devils scream comes out 😂 So please make sure to think about when the last feed was, it may come back to haunt you

The dreaded Sterliser 

I read lots of reviews that breastfeeding is great however the difficulty getting babies to take the bottle after 6 months to begin introducing foods was intense. So I decided to express as well as breastfeed which has been great for Maisie and she does very well. However, the sound of the electric breast bump has scarred us for life.. you will get it if you use one. The sterilising you have to do everyday becomes your least favourite chore as well but must be done. Fun times…

The Nappy Bag – Your life

The Nappy bag will be your new handbag. This sacred bag will contain everything you need if you ever decide to leave the house so make sure you have the essentials. Nappies, Nappy Sacks and Wet wipes – The 3 key ingredients. Bepanthen worked better with Maisie for her nappy rash, but Sudocrem is another, so have a tub or tube of this. A spare outfit (vest and sleepsuit or outfit) because accidents do happen. A spare bottle or 2 with ready made milk just in case as circumstances can occur (also depends on whether you are breastfeeding or not). A hat, gloves and socks (if not covered by sleepsuit) and  a blanket to keep warm. A portable mat just in case you have to change her in a public loo. Also very importantly, a muslin just in case of any dribble. YES YOU CAN FIT ALL OF THIS IN ONE BAG!! Shocking I know

New Body 

Coming back to Cyprus and back to living in a swimsuit, I am still adjusting to my new tummy. With the stretchmarks and additional weight still on me… however I have lost just over 3 stone and still need to lose another but do remember to do something about it if you aren’t happy with it. Don’t pressurise yourself, as we are all yummy mummies but make sure to be comfortable with yourself always!

Photos – You will never take enough 

I take so many photos of Maisie, my phone tells me repeatedly I have no memory. Be prepared with a camera and plenty of storage space on your computer because all you will want to do is take a photo everyday because they do or learn something new and you want to capture it. Professional photos I also got because I couldn’t resist and they came out amazingly. If you would like a recommendation, Rachel was great at the Lightmonkey Studio in Berkhamsted. I also got her hands casted by Elle at Halcyon Casts in Chesham and we are in love. When you become a mother, you just want everything!

Precious moments we have had over the last 7 weeks with Maisie and now moving back to Cyprus, we intend to create many more!


Photo by LightMonkey Studios


Casts by Elle at Halcyon Casts

IMG_9720Our Angel Maisie

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