Baby bump still going and growing!

I am now 40 weeks plus 2 days and she is still inside, as comfortable as ever. Even after my sweep today, my midwife said to me ‘your daughter was not affected by that at all, already a little diva’.. unlike me, who now feels achey and pretty ill. However, positive thinking! The fact that I have had this little one growing inside me for this long (just over 3 quarters of a year) is quite amazing and I feel like I have accomplished something. Starting off as a little tadpole, and now I am just counting down the seconds until those horrible contractions decide to start.

Today, I did have a moment though, of what I am looking forward to when the baby is born and below I have listed them:

Alcohol – Isn’t that obvious?

Not to get drunk or make a fool of myself, but just a gin and tonic in the sun, or a glass of Prosecco without a guilt trip feeling rushing over me. I have checked with my midwife if I am allowed a glass when breastfeeding, and it was confirmed it is okay to have one, so knowing the end if near cannot come soon enough! I am also sure plenty of women will agree with me on this

Putting clothes on!

I cannot wait to put a pair of socks and shoes on, without my feet swelling up or losing breath just to try and get down there to put them on!

Going to the gym

How I have longed to go for a run or do anything that is quicker than a slow waddle.  I am still swimming at the moment, but at a relaxed pace so I am looking forward to concentrating on getting this additional weight off me!  Especially since I am a very little person (only 5ft 3in), so it has been hard trying to stay as active as possible.

Medium Rare Steak!!!

To sleep for longer than a couple hours

The most exciting thing I think, as at the moment I am not even getting a couple hours. She is so low and I can’t sleep on my left side because she kicks me with anger to give her space, so my right arm now feels dislocated and in agony.  Also, not going to the loo 4 or 5 times a night will probably help as well – ALL VERY EXCITING!

Gaining control of my hormones and bodily functions 

No more crying randomly, no more gas, no more mood swings, no more struggling to get off the sofa or out of the chair… Just back to being normal me again (just a little less psycho than being pregnant :p )

Last but not least!

Being able to hold my daughter finally, after all this time.  To see whether she looks more like mummy or daddy, and just to meet her! COUNTING DOWN!


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