Cyprus.. An Island of Heaven

Whilst being back in the UK for the last month and a half, it has been difficult.  I moved to a brand new country, to enjoy moving in with my other half and starting our new life together as we had endured a long distance relationship previously.

Travel has always been an important part of my life, so moving to a new country wasn’t too new for me as my family have lived in several countries.  However, doing it independently did take a strain on our relationship because you have a lot to think about.  Family, security, money, friends… not as easy a choice to make. However, we have become stronger than ever, and with our new addition coming, it is another stepping stone for us both.

I have worked in travel for several years and I thought I would have a look at the nominations for the World Travel Awards that have just been announced and to see how well Cyprus did last year and if our little town of Pissouri was recognised.. AND IT WAS!

I had job offers from many resorts before moving to Cyprus however I thought I am moving to a new country, I should expand my knowledge and learn a industry, hence why I joined the Number One Trading company, IQ Option.  Although, that does not stop the passion from keeping up to date with the latest news.

The Columbia Beach Resort in Pissouri won three awards last year from the World Travel Awards which were:

Europe’s Leading Luxury All Suite Beach Resort 2016

Cyprus’ Leading Resort 2016

Mediterranean’s Leading Resort 2016

This fabulous hotel is just down the road from where Matt and I live, and I can say it is a beautiful resort.  I have also noted the list of the awards won by several hotels in Cyprus below and it just shows this little Island is an island worth visiting.

Thomas Cook also won Europe’s Leading Tour Operator 2016, Europe’s Leading Charter Airline 2016 and WORLD’S Leading Charter Airline 2016 so if you are looking to book Cyprus from April to October, they have great deals on!

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 11.27.14 AM.png

Congratulations to all the winners of the World Travel Award’s for last year and good luck to all the new nominations for 2017. Looking forward to visiting a few of these places in the upcoming future!

IMG_8689.JPG If you plan to visit Cyprus at all, you can travel there on a budget. Restaurants can be cheap but with high quality; sights to see are cheap and always worth exploring and if you hire a car, you could get round the whole Island in a week if you wanted too!

Recommendations I am happy to offer so let me know if you are interested, and I would be more than happy to suggest some stunning places

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