It’s been a bumpy ride!

As you probably know, a lot of women who fall pregnant struggle with the changes that occur.  You may not feel as confident with yourself because of the changes happening to your body and that is a normal feeling.  I have had this feeling throughout my pregnancy and thought I would be a terrible mother because of this.  The guilt you feel when you look at those stretch marks you oil up twice a day and hate what is happening to you.. and then you remember I have a wonderful little one on the way though so why do I feel this way.

Speaking out to other mothers you know or may not know all helps because you begin to understand you are not alone.  However, I decided to take it a step further and have a bump photoshoot.  I booked it with the intention of just wearing some new dresses I had bought and I thought that would be enough of a step but speaking with Matt, he said what is the point as I could take those photos on my phone, which he was right.  So I decided that for me to accept my body, and my changes I needed to show the bump off in the photoshoot and that is exactly what I did. I have never felt prouder in my life.

It was true what the photographer said. He explained most women see this as a therapy, rather than a photoshoot.  I couldn’t have agreed more.  When Matt and I went through the photos, I just felt overwhelmed with joy that I could finally look at myself without insulting every small wobbly bit I now have.  It has also given me that additional push when Maisie is born, to get back to my original size and fitness.

In addition to growing confidence, I have attended anti natal classes which helped massively in understanding the process of labour and your natural changes.  I encourage women to try and get yourself out there to help with the process of pregnancy, because at the beginning, I did feel alone and scared because of the unknown.  Now, I feel a bit more at ease with what is to come and not as paranoid about my body.

I am probably not the most encouraging if one of my friend’s say, hey I want to have a baby, is it true they say it is the best time of your life ever.. because I just want to be honest about my experience.  I can tell you though, I am so excited for our little one to be here soon and this experience has made me stronger than ever before and all I can be is grateful to my daughter for that


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