IMG_8396.JPGPregnancy and the other side:

Being pregnant, all you want is to be excited, and want to tell the world how amazing pregnancy is and to enjoy every minute of it. However, most people forget to tell you about the sickness and nausea you will experience or how sensitive you senses become. I couldn’t cook for 6 months because I couldn’t stand the smell of anything and was put off food that I have always loved and enjoyed. The morning I woke up with a face full of spots, when I have never had that issue before and my skin just looked red and blotchy.  Then my pride and joy.. My nails!  They used to be strong and long, and now are as weak as anything.

Mood swings, tantrums and your hormones all uncontrollable and unpredictable.  I thought the ‘time of the month’ was bad! I would cry for no reason, and the tearful breakdowns would come often.  However, leaving Cyprus I cried everyday, several times in fact and with no sleep, I am sure that didn’t help either.

I can’t quite remember the last day I slept for a full night, but it was a long time ago.  It is when she decides I am going to kick you right in the bladder, and I need about 5 bathroom trips a night.  People say to you, ‘try and get as much sleep as possible, because when the baby comes you won’t be getting any of that’ and I ask myself, how did these women manage to sleep.. on their side.. with their shoulder’s becoming dead.. the paranoia of not sleeping on your tummy.. your back aching from not being able to stand correctly.. the bathroom breaks.. I am lucky if I have a nap in the day.

To go shopping is also a dread nowadays.  My hands and feet swell up, and I look at clothes with hate.  Yes, my tummy now has a stretch mark, and yes I feel large and NO I DON’T WANT TO BUY THAT GORGEOUS ITEM BECAUSE I WILL NOT LOOK GOOD IN IT. Adapting to the body changes has been the most difficult for me because I have always loved being active and going to the gym and to have this taken away (apart from swimming and walking) has been a strain and makes me feel larger than I am. I have also not just received the weight in just my stomach area, but my face, arms, legs and bum.. so all round just feel uncomfortable. The mental adjustments have been really hard to come to terms with and I was diagnosed with depression however, speaking out about it with Matt, the doctor, family and friends has helped me overcome most of my fears and upsets and I suggest to anyone pregnant to not hold these feelings back as you can enter a dark place.  I did, but am a lot happier now.

I have moaned, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I am so happy I have been given this chance to become a mother and am so looking forward to April when I give birth to our little one. Just remember, oil up them stretch marks twice a day.. it does help!

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