IQ Option

IQ Option is the number 1 Binary Trading company that I have had the pleasure working for. We are able to assist with training and provide Economic and Stock market news to our traders, to help them become a successful trader.   Every trader has an Account Manager, that looks after them and their account. We are able to discuss every day news that may affect the market in some way after announcements have been made. A great way to keep up to date with this is by keeping your eye on the Economic Calendar.

Please make sure when looking at this, you change the time of the country that you are in, but most traders treat this almost like a Bible, so they know when the market could potentially become volatile and aware of a possible up or down trend.

The other link I like to suggest to my traders to keep by their side whilst trading is the Nasdaq Earning Calendar, and this is for the same reason.  To provide information about companies releasing their earnings, and to be able to compare with their previous earnings to help create in your mind an idea of which way the trend may possibly go.

The great thing about IQ Option as well, is if you are confused or want to discuss either of these websites, you can ask the Support Team who work 24 hours a day, or your Personal Account Manager.  If you press the Callback button, in the bottom lefthand corner of your platform, it will send them a direct message to give you a call.  Great customer service that will help as much as possible.

Also, we do have a Facebook page for you to have a look at, with traders discussing the latest Economic news that may affect the market and also tips here and there that may help with your trading. You can like and follow the page if you want to join in on these discussions.

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